Healthy and delicious African recipes! Find healthy versions of your favourite African dishes and original Best Body Africa recipes using indigenous African ingredients!


Healthier Baked Akara/Koose

A delicious and healthier way to enjoy a classic West African breakfast food. 100% plant-based, easy to make and scrumptious!

Veggie Egusi Scramble

Ditch the tofu scramble for African egusi scramble! This high protein, vegan egg alternative is perfect to eat for breakfast or any other meal!


Raw Ghanaian Red Pepper Sauce

A delicious and spicy classic pepper dip from Ghana. This dip is raw and is served with yam, banku, kenkey and as a sauce for many other dishes!

Garden Egg Crisps

Baked Garden Egg Crisps

A delicious plant-based veggie snack using the delicious and nutritious “African eggplant”- the garden egg. Read on for the unique recipe.

Tom Brown Cookies

Tom Brown Cookies

A delicious snack/breakfast made from a delicious, gluten-free, Ghanaian powder mix- Tom Brown- yellow corn, millet, guinea corn, groundnuts and soy beans.