Grilled Tilapia

West African Oven Grilled Tilapia

Tilapia is widely eaten across West Africa. This recipe is packed with flavour and overall will make you feel like you're on the coast!
Grilled Tilapia
        I remember the first time I tried tilapia (or at least I think it was the first). If my memory serves me correctly, it was in this local spot in Ada (a coastal town in Ghana) and I had it with banku and red pepper. I’ll never forget the unique taste that the seasoning and the fish itself had as well as its tender, flaky texture. Since then, tilapia has become my favourite fish! Tilapia is widely eaten across Africa and West Africa in particular. For example, Ivorians enjoy tilapia with attieke (ground cassava) and fried plantin. Tilapia is a lean source of protein and has about 26 grams of protein per portion! Do make sure, however, that you know where your tilapia comes from as tilapia farms can be quite controversial. You can read more about that here.  In this post, I’m going to share with you my oven-grilled tilapia recipe that will make you feel like you are in Ada. The marinade can be used for different types of fish as well but trust me, you should try it with tilapia first. Without further ado, here is the recipe!

West African Oven Grilled Tilapia

An easy-to-make recipe to transport you to Ada, Ghana!

  • 1/2 white onion
  • Handful coriander leaves
  • 3 tbsp olive oil (extra virgin)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp black pepper
  • 2 tbsp ginger puree
  • 1 tbsp garlic puree
  • 2 all-purpose seasoning cubes
  1. Wash your fish under cold water to clean off extra dirt.

  2. Blend your ingredients for your marinade together.

  3. Score your fish and pour the marinade all over.

  4. Leave in the fridge for 24 hours but when ready to cook, leave out of the fridge for 15 minutes so that it cooks evenly.

  5.  Set your oven on the grill setting at 180*C

  6. Place your tilapia in the oven for 10 minutes on each side.6. 

  7. Take out and enjoy when fully cooked!


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