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Cassava Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts

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CASSAVA nutrition stats and health benefits_best body africa

What is cassava?

Cassava is a root vegetable commonly eaten across the world. It’s high starch nature makes it a great source of energy however, those that lead lower carb lifestyles tend to eat it in moderation.

Some people are reluctant to eat it as it produces a toxin but when prepared correctly, it is perfectly safe to eat.

Nutrition Facts (per 100g)

  • 160 calories in cassava
  • 38g carbs in cassava
  • 0.3g fat in cassava
  • 1.4g protein in cassava
  • 1.9g fibre in cassava

What does 100g of cassava look like?

100 grams of cassava_best body africa

What does 100 calories of cassava look like?

100 calories of cassava_Best Body Africa

Health Benefits

  1. Aid digestion

Cassava is high in resistant starches which feed “good bacteria” in the body and promote digestive health.

2. Support immune function

Cassava is rich in vitamin C which helps to support the immune function of the body, protect against skin damage and stimulate collagen production.

3. May reduce blood pressure

Due to cassava’s high potassium content, it may aid in lowering blood pressure levels.

4. Support weight management

Cassava is high in calories per gram compared to other starches which makes it perfect to aid weight gain. However, one can still consume it for weight loss as it’s high fibre nature helps to curb appetites and prevent overeating.

How to prepare

It is important to NOT eat cassava raw as it can be poisonous when eaten raw in large amounts. Cassava contains a chemical called cyanogenic glycosides that can release cyanide when consumed. Cyanide is poisonous and can lead to paralysis, impaired thyroid function and even death!

This is why in preparing cassava for consumption, one must peel all the skin off, any pink layers, cut the central “straw” out, soak for a few minutes and cook thoroughly.

Cassava can be eaten in many ways. It can be pounded into fufu, eaten boiled, fried, baked…well, the list goes on!

Why not try one of our cassava recipes such as our Kenyan Chilli-Lime Mogo?



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