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Kenyan Chilli-Lime Cassava (Mogo)

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Chilli Lime Cassava Mogo_Best Body Africa 2

A delicious Kenyan street food in the comfort of your home! This chilli-lime cassava recipe is the perfect healthy sack or accompaniment to any meal!

Chilli Lime Cassava Mogo_Best Body Africa 2
What is cassava?

Cassava is a tuber commonly eaten across Africa to accompany stews and soups. Cassava is rich in fibre to promote fullness and aid digestion. It is also rich in antioxidants and vitamin C to protect the immune system.

Cassava is prepared in many different ways whether boiled, fried, turned into crisps or pounded into fufu. You can even make cassava cake or cassava bread!

About Chilli-Lime Mogo

Chilli-lime mogo is a common street food made with four ingredients- chilli powder, lime juice, salt and cassava! It is made deep-fried or charcoal roasted. For our recipe, we will oven-bake!

Chilli Lime Cassava Mogo_Best Body Africa 2 Chilli Lime Cassava Mogo_Best Body Africa 2

How to prevent cassava toxicity

Cassava contains cyanogenic glycosides which can be slightly poisonous for humans. To prevent poisoning make sure to:

  •  peel all the cassava skin and pink parts off
  • Slice in half to remove the bitter string in the center
  • Soak in water after cutting into pieces for at least 20 minutes


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