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Best Body Breakfasts Guide

You struggle with:

  • portion control;
  • coming up with creative breakfast ideas for weight management and;
  • to be honest, you just don’t have enough time to spend trying to calculate the nutrition stats in your meals so that you’re on track on your journey. You told us and we listened!

We put together 10 breakfast recipes inspired by meals and flavours from across the African continent with portion guidance, calories, macros, other key nutrition stats, tips to make cooking easier and fun facts!

Breakfast recipes are balanced and contain all three key macronutrient groups (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) to ensure you nourish your body and to improve satiety (fullness). The meals are sure to give you the energy and flavour boost needed to kickstart your day! Some of the recipes are as easy as making a bowl of oats on a busy morning and others, you can prep for the week.

We hope these recipes will serve as staple meals in your kitchen and we also hope you get to try some new flavours in the process!

This is not a set meal plan but rather real ideas to fit into your personal journey.

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