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Adding Value to the Local Plant-Based Food & Beverage Industry with Ila Pure

Danielle Opoku-Akyeampong, Founder of Ghanaian-owned, Ila Pure, discusses health benefits of coconuts and the growth in plant-based diets in Ghana.
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African fufu pounding

Veggie-Infused Starches for your Soup or Stew

Infused starches are slowly becoming a trend across Africa! In this post, I highlight our favourite veggie-infused swallows that you have to try!
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African Gardens for Healthy Food Harvesting

From mangoes to moringa, many African gardens contain the right conditions for planting and harvesting healthy fruit and vegetables.
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We’re Ditching Quinoa for these Indigenous African Grains

Quinoa is THE superfood of the global wellness space however, indigenous African grains hold properties to match this popular, high-protein grain. Discover 5 delicious and nutritious superfoods grown on the continent that can contribute towards optimum health.
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3 African “Superfoods” to Add to Your Smoothies- Baobab, Moringa & Hibiscus

What's better than a refreshing smoothie to wake you up in the morning? A smoothie packed with nutrient-rich foods you can source locally on the continent! In this article, we discuss the health benefits of moringa, baobab and hibiscus and share 3 smoothie recipes using these foods.
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