Bryanne Hackman

Bryanne is a certified Nutrition and Weight Management Coach from Ghana. She also has expertise in nutrition for sports and Exercise; eating to gain; childhood nutrition and obesity prevention; pre- and post-natal nutrition and behavioural change coaching. She works professionally in the African Investments and Commodity Trading Sectors and is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief at Best Body Africa. Bryanne will contribute insights on nutrition, fitness and mind + soul and is also the BBA recipe contributor.

Coconut Millet Porridge

Coconut Millet Porridge

A delicious, warm and comforting breakfast porridge using a staple African grain- red millet- sourced from Ghanaian brand, Mill’d.

Sorghum Pancakes

Sorghum and Baobab Pancakes

Delicious and nutritious sorghum pancakes paired with a sweet and tangy spread made from baobab and mango sourced from Ghana.