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Healthier Baked Akara/Koose

A delicious and healthier way to enjoy a classic West African breakfast food. 100% plant-based, easy to make and scrumptious!

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Akara, as it’s called in Nigeria, or Koose in Ghana is a popular deep fried bean-based breakfast food made from black-eyed beans, red chillis and other ingredients. It’s usually eaten alongside a porridge such as Hausa Koko in Ghana. 

As we know, black-eyed beans are super nutritious as they are high in fibre, protein, iron and many vitamins and minerals. Eating them for breakfast is a great way to increase energy for the day as they are also high in carbohydrates which provides slow-release energy. 

Although akara/koose is super nutritious in itself, the deep fried nature of the dish increases its calorie content and personally, makes me feel a bit sluggish as opposed to feeling energised after eating it. 

This is why I decided to experiment with a baked version which is lower in oil. I’ve never seen a baked version of this dish but when I tried it out, I absolutely loved it! The baked version keeps the flavour and texture of the bean cake without making you feel sluggish from the excess oil used in cooking.

I’m so excited to share this recipe so without further ado, here it is!



I hope you enjoy this recipe and send a picture when you try it!

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  1. This is such, an amzing recipe, thank you!! I hope it’s alright if I use this recipe in a school project I am currently working on, I promise to properly cite you and your amazing recipe though.

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