5 African Fitness Influencers To Work Out With Online

African fitness

One lesson we’ve all learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that it is possible to create home-based alternatives to some of our favourite activities. Eating out at restaurants has been replaced by an increase in recipe experimenting at home whilst in the case of fitness, many on the continent are looking online for workouts and motivation. 

African fitness influencers have been given a spotlight as a result of the home workouts they’ve shared on their various social platforms. Their workouts are beginner-friendly, involve the use of little to no equipment and yet are still effective. Moreover, their workouts cater towards common fitness goals of Africans, namely women who desire to stay healthy and burn fat whilst still keeping curves. 

Well, in this post we share five African Influencers who you can look to for home workout inspiration!

  1. @lachiifitness_

Nigeria-bound Kelachi posts daily workouts with and without equipment that you can easily do at home. Her workouts are, however, not for the faint-hearted as they are sure to get your heart pumping and your muscles burning (in a good way). If you’re a beginner, you can definitely work your way up but if your fitness level is intermediate or above then you can follow along today! 

  1. @doviesfitness

Dovies Fitness is a world-renowned fitness brand famous for getting those who follow his workouts a snatched waist! This Ghanaian’s moves are totally unique, fun to follow and effective.

3. @nomvula_khazwayo

All the motivation you need to get up and get fit is on Nomvula’s page! This South African native shares effective at-home workouts to help keep you toned and burning fat!

4. @geniosworkoutsworld

Follow along as he shares his workouts from Accra, Ghana! His workouts are for you if you love a total body burn with little to no equipment used! You can perform these moves any time, anywhere and you will be sure to shed some fat after a few virtual sessions with him.

5. @queenfitnass

Grab a gallon of water and follow along with her fat-burning workouts! Stay toned, burn fat and have fun with her exciting moves that are sure to help you achieve your best body yet!

Let us know who your favourite African fitness influencer is! Leave a comment in the comments section below!

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